By The Numbers

Want to know how the Richmond Region compares to other areas around the country? Click the links below to learn more about our reasonable cost of living, temperate climate, diverse population and more. With our Cost of Living Calculator, you can even compare how far your dollars will go in Richmond and other cities — for everything from housing to taxes to Corn Flakes!

  • Cost of Living Comparison: This chart gives the latest cost information compared to national averages. You can also find a cost of living calculator for detailed inquiries, which will output information comparing your nearest metropolitan statistical area and the Richmond Region.
  • Climate: How cold does it get in Greater Richmond? Should I expect a lot of rain? What about snowfall? Find the answer to these questions on this page.
  • Demographics: Provides the demographic and statistical information for the Richmond MSA, consisting of 1.3 million residents.
  • Expected Taxes: Find more information regarding the tax advantages of relocating to Virginia.